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Counselling Hub

Online Counselling

Online Counselling

Counselling is more than just a therapeutic way to address problems. In fact, it best works as a proactive initiative to help people learn how to manage themselves better. 

We understand that it can be challenging for employees to set aside time for a face-to-face counselling session during those extra hectic days at work. ​But even if your employees prefer to seek support online, we are happy to help.

​Our eCounselling service is flexible and offers employees the chance to video call a counsellor/mental health professional from anywhere in the world or even from the comfort of their home. We use compliant software and can build a interface specifically for your organization to create a seamless experience. 

Workplace Well-Being Hotline

Workplace Well-being Hotline

Want your employees to talk about something that has been bothering them?

Want it to happen in a safe and confidential manner?

Our counsellors are only a phone call away!

Research shows that organizations benefit from lower absenteeism and improvements in performance when employees are offered workplace counselling. 

Our customized Workplace Well-Being Hotline service provides employees with a chance to share what’s on their mind and seek support from our mental health professionals on the go. 

Reach out to help set-up a direct hotline for your organization today.

Face-to-Face Counselling

Face-to-Face Counselling

We are here to listen and offer specialized mental health support for stress, anxiety, depression and emotional distress.

Counselling can be used as a preventative people management strategy for organizations to help employees leverage their core capacities, stimulate personal growth and increase self-awareness. 

Our expert counsellors will help your employees address various work-life challenges in a positive way by helping them work through psychological issues such as stress , anxiety and depression and develop coping strategies.

Interested in setting up a workplace counselling hub?


Talk to us today to learn more about customized packages for your organization!

“Honestly, I did feel a little hesitant about how much I could share from an individualistic point of view without it sounding like a rant. But I felt like I connected with my counsellor almost the same way I would connect with a friend that I’ve known for a long time.” 


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