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Expressive Arts

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Music Therapy

Some people may have a difficult time expressing themselves verbally.

Music therapy sessions at work use musical participation to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of employees. Music can be a vital component in corporate team-building, improving work performance, reducing feelings of mental exhaustion and helping them feel truly connected to their company’s goals and values.

A highly-skilled and professionally certified music therapist can offer an avenue for your employees to express how they feel when words just won’t do.

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Art Therapy

Creating art can positively impact communication skills, concentration and reduce feelings of isolation.

An art therapy session is a form of expression in which employees are taught to use the creative process of making art to explore their thoughts and feelings at work. 

A certified art therapist will use art as a medium to encourage them to follow their creative process, learn how to manage conflict within teams and improve self-esteem.

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Dance and Movement Therapy

Workplace stress can be alleviated through a number of ways including indulging in a dance and movement activity!

Dance and movement therapy (DMT), is an expressive arts method that coordinates motion to the beats to facilitate growth, manage mood and decrease muscle tension at work. 

A certified DMT practitioner will use dance and movement to encourage employees to channel their stress into creative forms. 

Click here if you are a counsellor / clinical psychologist,  expressive arts / DMT professional or someone working in the mental health space and want to collaborate with us.

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