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Work Culture Consultancy dedicated to the pursuit of happiness at work. On any given day, you will find us partnering with human resources and communication teams, helping them understand their people better, keeping employees engaged, working on creating diverse and inclusive teams and making work-life balanced.

All this, in an attempt to build an admirable culture and a productive workforce turning your company into one that attracts and retains talent while we turn work into something people look forward to.

It is no secret that happier, engaged employees deliver higher returns for the company and so, if you want to focus on your talent while staying true to your mission, you've come to the right place!



We believe that happy and engaged employees result into a more productive workforce, which in turn, means a positive impact on attrition and the company bottom line. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to think out of the box and build employee connect.

With no two company cultures being similar, our ‘people to customer first’ approach helps bring about a sense of pride, encourages recognition, strengthens diversity and makes life at work awesome!

Throw us a challenge or simply pose a question. From engagement and communication strategy to execution calendars and turnkey implementation, we'll cut through the jargon & share a box full of ideas that are sure to brighten your day!

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Happyness Quotient is an innovative, patent-pending survey option that provides a real time indication of the level of happiness across your organization by analyzing what drives individuals based on their personal and professional choices down to a department level.

The survey tool is fun, flexible and can adapt to suit the needs of your organization! You can analyse responses to get a drilled down ‘one view’ of your company Happyness Quotient & administer it across desktops or mobile. 

What’s more? 


Using proprietary algorithms, the survey tool comes with the option to customize core pillars and track what matters to your company while we develop action plans to ensure a sustainable and measurable impact.


Check out what makes a workplace a truly happy one to be in.

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Workplace Well-Being

Across a lifetime, people will spend over one-third of their lives at work. Research also points to the fact that a large amount of happiness in life revolves around the workplace and professional goals. When employees are part of a ‘happy workplace’, it has a positive impact on a company's business performance. 

Based on the science of happiness, our Employee Well-Being Program is designed to help employees optimize their emotional well-being at work. 


Our eclectic mix of customizable corporate happiness workshops, expressive arts sessions and professional counselling packages are centered around creating happier employees, happier teams and happier places to work. Go ahead! Take a sneak peek into how we can help create a work environment for your employees to flourish and thrive.


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What's Your Return On Engagement? 

In case you are wondering how working with us will positively impact your company, let's simply talk numbers! Using market benchmarks and sharing three quick inputs, our Return on Engagement calculator gives you a picture of how engagement positively impacts your company bottom-line & how much your company can gain annually through enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism, on-boarding costs and reduced attrition. 


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It's nice to be loved and written about. Even better when you win awards or your content gets featured.

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About the Team

Creating an admirable culture and making work fun is some real serious work. For us, Never Grow Up ® is that one belief that transcends across levels as we build bridges that attempt to peel off layers and reach the core of an organization!


We are a company driven by heart and backed by intellect.

Our People Think Tank is backed by experts in various fields including The Arts, Human Resources, Marketing, Training, Psychology, Product Design and Idea wizards who are spirited and extremely passionate about our mission. These people are our dark knights. A lot of our ideas also come from listening to people and clients!

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Creating an admirable culture is some real serious work. Click here if you like what you see & want to join our team!

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