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We believe that happy and engaged employees result into a more productive workforce, which in turn, means a positive impact on attrition and the company bottom line. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to think out of the box and build employee connect.

With no two company cultures being similar, our people to customer first approach helps bring about a sense of pride, encourages recognition, strengthens diversity and makes life at work awesome!

Throw us a challenge or simply pose a question. From engagement and communication strategy to execution calendars and turnkey implementation, we have a box full of options that are sure to brighten your day!

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Talent Consulting by NeverGrowUp®

Talent Consulting

As a team, we take time to understand your organization and your people. Often, digging deep into culling insights on what drives people & how they connect with work. With no two teams being the same, we understand that what works for some, is not likely to work for everyone.

Be it running qualitative diagnostics that help people align with business to working closely with key stakeholders to deliver results and build camaraderie or drive values across the company while benchmarking culture and policies, our unbiased viewpoints are sure to make a dent for companies looking to make a difference.

Give us a brief or ask us how is it that we can make your organization a happy place to work & be in?

Employer Branding

In an increasingly competitive talent market, a formidable employer brand can help attract and retain the right kind of talent just when you need it. Ensuring that you have a distinct brand image among existing and potential recruits can not only help you save costs but also impact employee choices.

From Thought Leadership & CXO Communication on Digital to Campus Outreach ideas, Induction programs to qualitative Rewards and Recognition initiatives or mental health and wellness initiatives, at Never Grow Up, we are constantly thinking of ways for employees to find the right environment, value framework and culture to function effectively.

Cutting through the baggage, we believe that by understanding people, taking action and building ownership while making fun a priority in the work place, organizations can excel in areas where challenges and problems may have been the norm.

Talk to us. We are happy to help.

Employer Branding by NeverGrowUp®

Internal Communications

We live in a world surrounded by a workforce that wants to be ‘involved and have a say’. They are constantly on the lookout for channels to establish a dialogue with peers and management. With the growth of social media and an influx of young talent, it is but a fact that employees are talking about their employers more than ever. It is time to connect!

How can we help? From facilitating town halls or communicating your brand story through a video, to policy rollouts & internal branding, our team of creative thinkers and designers are equipped to manage all your communication needs. Creative campaigns & monthly newsletters to developing your intranet or providing recruitment media services, you can count on us.

That's not all. Our enthusiasm and sheer passion drives us to come up with fresh ideas. Go ahead, start a conversation.

Communications & Design by NeverGrowUp®
Workplace Well-Being by NeverGrowUp®


Coping with the daily hustle-bustle of life along with a combination of hectic work schedules and the pressure to succeed can be exhausting.


Have you ever stopped to consider that your employees' mental well-being is also your organization’s well-being?


Across a lifetime, people will spend over one-third of their lives at work. A large amount of happiness revolves around the workplace. When employees are part of a ‘happy workplace’, it has a positive impact on a company's business performance. 


Based on the science of happiness, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help employees optimize their emotional well-being at work. 


Our eclectic mix of customizable corporate happiness workshops, expressive arts sessions and professional counselling packages are centred around creating happier employees, happier teams and happier places to work. 

Take a sneak peek into how we can help create the optimum work environment for your employees to flourish and thrive.

Imagine walking out of your next offsite or team meeting stress-free. Or suddenly having a work environment where team members empathize with each other. Or imagine finding yourself saying ‘We should do this again!’ That’s when you know you’ve met Never Grow Up ®.

You can ask us to facilitate change, sensitize people, drive diversity and inclusion by addressing unconscious biases, align people to vision and culture, address POSH differently, run innovation sessions that generate ideas for business, build team collaboration, manage conflict creatively or simply get teams to shed their inhibitions using the Arts.

Learning, experimenting, experiencing Eureka moments and having fun are some serious after-effects. We specialize in creating customized ‘gamified’ interventions lasting 5 hours to 3 days for up to 400 people; that address specific business objectives or people issues in a ‘Un-Training’ yet creative way.

Theatre & Twilight Photography to Video Wars & Bartending & Culinary sessions or Recycle Art to Creative Writing, Yoga & Colour Therapy and ‘Unpluggd’ interventions, there is something for everyone. Give us a call.

Workshops & Interventions by NeverGrowUp®
Office Quirkies! by NeverGrowUp®

Heard about ‘Bophoria?’

Well, it’s that moment of joy when your boss lands into trouble!

We’ve been developing a host of unidentified awesome objects [or UAO, as we like to call it] for some time now. From ideas on custom merchandise to creating welcome kits for your next on-boarding session, feel free to ask us about creating stuff less ordinary. A special creation for your leadership training program or company anniversary or just something to keep your team smiling, our customized oddball inventions are sure to leave a mark (maybe literally).

Sounds interesting?

Check out the range  and if you are already convinced, give us a tinkle!

Technology & Content by NeverGrowUp®

Custom Technology

Your new age employee is checking you out as you read this. They are listening into you even before you look at their resume while existing employees are telling future recruits about what sort of a place your company might be.

Our content strategy and development services backed by a gang of wordsmiths and content curators not only help build an awesome online presence for your company but also provide listening and help create effective dialogue thus contributing to ongoing Talent initiatives.

Whether it's creating your own app or microsite or building online presence on social media while we manage tech integration, get in touch if you’d like us to create content that simply clicks!


You’ve built a great Talent strategy and crafted a number of commendable initiatives! It’s now time to get the word out.

From a host of editorial services & press release dissemination to building media relations with key stakeholders our team can ensure that you talent initiatives are noticed and recognized. We also counsel and guide CXOs on how to interact with media while we track the coverage that follows.

Partnerships to Thought Leadership, there is more to our integrated services when it comes to building your reputation. Let’s Talk?

Public Relations by NeverGrowUp®
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