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Happyness Quotient® by NeverGrowUp®

What's Happyness Quotient all about?

Backed by a proprietary algorithm, the Happyness Quotient is an innovative survey that helps you understand how satisfied your employees are at work. By using a combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses, we help study organizational culture and job satisfaction to help you build a more driven and efficient workforce. Happyness Quotient is a fun and standardized survey that can identify areas of strength and improvement in your organization using psychologically and statistically reliable and valid measures. You receive a drilled-down ‘one-view’ of your organization’s Happyness Quotient [HQ] score and gain deeper insights about your organization by administering this tool across company levels, functions, and employee devices.

What’s more? The tool comes with the capability of being deployed in multiple languages so that you can reach every person that matters in your organization!


Why measure Happyness?

Our work is driven by the philosophy of meeting business needs by looking after the people who make the wheels turn, the workforce. Helping companies build a culture of satisfied and engaged employees is part of the Never Grow Up DNA, and the first step to attracting, engaging, and retaining the right talent of any business is to understand what drives the people that are behind the brands. This kind of understanding can help us dive deeper into what matters to both the business and people, bridge gaps and synergize the two to build a powerful and meaningful workplace for everyone, for the present and the future.

This, therefore, means better decision-making more accurate initiative launches, and bringing a degree of accountability and measurability to areas that may earlier seem subjective. After all, it is only by figuring out what drives their workforce that organizations can build strategies that help them stay ahead of the curve.


What's In Store?

No matter what the type or size of your business, the structure of your organization, the values that drive your culture or the demographic profile of your employees, there is something for every organization. Check out packages to know more.


Have Questions about HQ?

Read the FAQs to know more

How Is Happyness Quotient Different?

Paradigm Shift in Understanding Teams in Happyness Quotient®
Paradigm Shift in Understanding Teams
Helps Understand Business Alignment, Mental Health and Employee Driving Force Rooted in Psychology
Mobile Responsive Questionnaire in Happyness Quotient®
Mobile Responsive
Deployment Across Desktop, and mobile using Survey Monkey enterprise.
Visually Appealing & Fun Questions in Happyness Quotient®
Situation-based Questions
Not Just Data in Happyness Quotient®
Innovative Data Analysis
​Actionable Insights Backed by Data & Research

A happier workforce stays longer and is more productive. Interested to find out if measuring employee happiness is really easy and fun to do?

I have the reports. What next?

We specialize in customized solutions that work for your company & can manage turnkey execution, ensuring that recommended initiatives lead to a positive impact. 

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