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What's Happyness Quotient all about?

Combining qualitative and quantitative analysis and backed by a proprietary algorithm, Happyness Quotient is an innovative survey option that provides a real time indication of the level of happiness across your organization by analyzing what drives individuals based on their personal and professional choices. As a survey tool,  Happyness Quotient is fun, flexible and can adapt to suit the needs of your organization while maintaining standardization! You can analyse responses to get a drilled down ‘one view’ of your organization's Happyness Quotient [HQ] as you administer it across desktops or mobile. 

What’s more? The tool comes with the option to assign pillar weight-age, and track what matters to your company and can be built and deployed in multiple languages

Why measure Happyness?

With an ever-evolving workforce and increasing competition, measuring engagement levels alone may no longer be adequate. Since different things matter to different individuals across gender, age groups and seniority levels, measuring overall happiness levels and understanding professional choices can give organizations a more accurate picture of what really drives their employees.

This, in turn, means better decision making, more accurate initiative launches and bringing in a degree of accountability and measurability to areas that may earlier seem subjective. After all, it is only by figuring out what truly drives their workforce can organizations build strategies that help them stay ahead of the curve.

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What's In Store?

No matter what the type or size of your business, the structure of your organization, the values that drive your culture or the demographic profile of your employees, there is something for every organization. Check out all the different packages that HQ offers.

Know More? 

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How Is Happyness Quotient Different?

Customized Weightages
Importance to What Resonates
with Your Culture & Values
Paradigm Shift in Understanding Teams
Helps Understand Business Alignment, Mental Health and Employee Driving Force Rooted in Psychology
Track What is Important
to You as a Company
Not Just Data
Actionable Idea Presentations
Backed by Analytics
Mobile Responsive
Deployment Across Desktop,
and mobile using SM enterprise.
Real Access
Access to Charts & Reports 24X7
No More Boring Questions,
Employee Centric
Mini Surveys
Run Unlimited Mini-Surveys

As a team, we specialize in coming up with customized solutions that work for your company & are equipped to manage turnkey execution, to ensure that recommended initiatives lead to a positive impact on your company’s Happyness Quotient.

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I have the reports. What next?

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A happier workforce stays longer and is more productive. Interested to find out if measuring employee happiness is really easy and fun to do?

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