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  • Yes! We are a work culture firm that is legally called Never Grow Up ® and started operations on 01 Jan 2010. For the first 3 odd years, we did not have a full time team. Instead our founders bootstrapped their way building the company through collaborations and partnerships. This was the time when quitting your job to take a leap of faith was not considered cool. P.s. The initial team still works with us.

  • We’ve been thrown-out of more coffee shops than you can imagine. Primarily because we almost became like furniture and our usage of Free WI-FI was hurting their bottom-line. We’ve returned the favor by remaining ‘gold members’.

  • If you drop by our office, you can see the first Internet dongle and company credit card glued to our walls. We’ve never tracked attendance and probably never will. Only because we trust the team we work with.

  • We don’t celebrate festivals at work [for a reason] and our ‘Payment Stamp’ has Darth Vader approving the payment.

  • Often, people laugh at our ideas, then end up implementing them because it makes sense. In fact, in our first year of operations, we actually met someone who burst out laughing in a client meeting and was at it for 2 minutes!

  • We got our first client 6 months into our business but we spent the first 24 months of our existence, experimenting with our business model. This also meant that our founder went broke [twice]! That has not stopped us from experimenting.

  • While today we have nine services, have been featured in publications across the world, won numerous awards and have gone International, our first workshop was attended by 4 people. [3 friends and one paid customer]

  • We’ve innovated to create a ‘patented’ survey tool called HQ & crafted India’s first Return on Engagement Calculator.

  • No one in the history of our company has ever been fired for making a mistake. Our philosophy is that we are OK with mistakes as long as ‘you make new ones’. Also, no leave application has ever been denied. Like ever!

  • We don’t hire based on pedigree. Instead, we pick diverse team members based on attitude and a five point checklist. 

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