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Employee engagement service provider award

Employee Engagement Service Provider Award

Never Grow Up ® has been recognized as the Best Employee Engagement Service Provider at World HRD Congress Awards 2017 and 2016.

Best corporate blog award

Best Corporate Blog Award

Never Grow Up® won the Best Corporate Blog Award at the National Awards for Marketing Excellence powered by Times Network & CMO Asia, held in Mumbai.

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Top 40 employee engagement blogs

Top 40 Employee Engagement Blogs

Never Grow Up ® blog features at #6 on the Feedspot list of Top 40 Employee Engagement Blogs on the web. The ranking was on the basis of Google reputation and search ranking, Influence and popularity on Facebook and other social media sites, quality and consistence of posts and expert reviews by Feedspot’s editorial team.

Work Takes Us Places

In June 2020, Never Grow Up ® launched operations in Singapore.  As Never Grow Up Pte. Ltd., we are all set to set sail into a new region. Log on to to know more.

We also presented on how to craft your Employee Value Proposition and transcend it across the organization at EBS 2019, Employer Branding Summit in Shanghai along with speakers across APAC from WeWork, Accenture & the  Alibaba Group 

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Our work took us to  New Orleans, USA for the Resource Pro Operations Boot-camp  where we spoke to business owners and leaders on How to build an awesome Work Culture: Working 9 to 5.


Little Things Matter

At Never Grow Up, we've always believed in letting our work speak for ourselves. You may not hear us blowing the trumpet too loud, but that’s just the way we are. That's also probably the reason we did not host the awards page upfront.


Over the last few years, we have been fortunate to work on a variety of projects across industries while being true to our philosophy of building happier workplaces. We value and respect the confidentiality that comes with the projects we undertake with clients.  Call us for a meeting if you'd like to know more. Until then, here's why we are called Never Grow Up and 10 Things You Probably don't know about our journey. 

Work takes us places
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