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What does a design thinking approach have to do with cultural transformation?

What does a design thinking approach have to do with cultural transformation? by NeverGrowUp®

We live in a constantly transforming world, which has succeeded in finding solutions to almost every problem (with the help of tech). Machine Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and other robust technologies have been of service but have also replaced human beings to an extent. But here’s the truth -

Machines don’t build culture. People do.

So, despite the whole technological revolution, what lies at the core of any organization, is its manpower and way of thinking. Design thinking is a practical, human-based approach that combines logic, tools, and creativity to find a balanced and long-term solution to problems. However, it would be silly to limit this concept to terms such as an “approach,” or a “process.” These two words can create a whole organization on their own. Design thinking is more than a step-by-step guide to find solutions that put users and clients at the heart of the process. It is a belief, a way of thinking, and a pillar of confidence and reliance that focuses on finding the best possible answers to any problem.

With so much said about this topic, one must wonder if it is the approach to finding correct solutions. How can it help a firm or an organization in achieving a complete cultural transformation? To answer this question, let us point out three benefits of this approach.

  • Organization Amidst Liberty

Nobody likes to believe that freedom can lead to order. However, a design-thinking approach puts a full stop to this myth in the most astounding way possible. It is a problem-solving approach that gives employees the freedom to think, feel, believe, and then come to a solution, rather than mindlessly following a systematic structure. A culture that builds an environment where they can authentically indulge in divergent thinking opens its doors to more diverse solutions, practical approaches, and a happy work environment.

  • A Step Towards Compassion

An organization is made of people, and people deserve compassion. The core function of a design thinking approach is to find solutions while keeping in mind the people involved in the business. This approach facilitates empathy by enabling people to step into the shoes of others, mostly their customers and clients. It is one of the most crucial steps to bring a transformation in organization culture because what else would stand out if not a firm that knows how to make their customers feel that they are being heard and understood?

  • The Human Approach

What is the main ingredient of culture? Who will the transformation affect the most? The answer is simple - Your people! When the industrial revolution caused a paradigm shift in the work environment, the workers were the ones who faced the biggest change. Therefore, whatever approach you choose for the company, you should remember the effects it might have on employees. Trust us when we say that you will not find any approach as social as the design thinking approach. Keeping human needs in mind, the end goal of this process is to come up with a solution that stays true to them. It will help your firm shift from a complete appliance-thinking approach to a people-thinking one. And this will be revolutionary! Because technologies come, go, get updated, and fail, but our core human needs stay the same.

Design thinking is an approach that brings back the traditional tools used by designers and combines them in the most user-friendly way. Its emphasis on client needs combined with the systematic management of problems makes it stand out in today’s work environment. With the world heavily dependent on technology, the assurance that people are not being left behind has the potential to bring a phenomenal transformation in company culture. So, our advice to you would be to go on and give this amazing approach a try.


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