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Top Employee Relations Practices

Top Employee Relations Practices by NeverGrowUp®

There are countless relationships you can maintain, but closer and meaningful

employee relations can actually keep you 96% sane. Want to know how?

Ask yourself this. Where do employees spend most days and most hours of

their day?

Like several other relationships in your life, when you nurture them, it gives

you a sense of being and makes you feel whole. Similarly, seamless

coordination with your co-worker can triple your productivity level, and your

ability to conquer a challenging day, or even a mundane life at work. Look how

companies are striving to maintain a productive environment for employees.

Why Employee Relations Are So Important

In addition to the collective benefits provided by an organization, it’s time that

workplaces realize that the gold mine of the company are the employees.

An organization could ensure the finest amenities for employees, but if there is

lack of motivation to fuel themselves, then the organization’s foundation is

clearly falling weak.

We all feel the need to have good co-worker relationships that serve as a

source of motivation and help us put our best foot forward in any given task.

And that will result in an improved mental state as well as benefit the

company’s growth. It’s proven to show a 75% reduction in sick days and 50% drop in turnover risk, because employees feel like they belong somewhere and

that can do wonders.

A company’s culture and success can be rightly defined as a team who have

sparked each other’s light and created a remarkable and positive working

lifestyle. This actively drives each other’s abilities for achieving goals and

maintaining good employee relations.

How Can Such A Company Culture Be Created?

● Collaboration time

Planning dedicated time to promote positive social interactions can help

discover shared interests, enhance brainstorming sessions, learn how to

resolve differences early, and foster trust in the workplace to cement good

employee relations.

● Evaluating the lone wolves

When dealing with introverts, companies should identify their boundaries and

take into consideration the factors that may make them uncomfortable in

certain situations. But, this can be turned around constructively by sensitively

dealing with it. Managers can chalk out employee engagement plans to create

a positive and rewarding environment which will result in a more comfortable

work environment for introverts. Recognizing those lone wolves and

discussing fostering relationships with the team can promote a healthy way of

engaging everyone in a convenient manner.

Because in the end, people want to be noticed and feel like they belong at

● Good returns

Good returns are not only your company returns but what your employees

may gain when they develop the habit of communicating and interacting

better with the team. Maintaining relationships is not just for the good times,

but to deal with sensitive issues too where your communication skills could

either make or break that situation. When an organization expects people to

prioritize work and workload, small but concise efforts can be taken to help

employees deal with it effectively. This could help them achieve a good bond

with the team and immensely the lower burden from their shoulders. Great

levels of benefits can be achieved by efficiently engaging with people; stronger

communication skills and the ability to be empathetic towards peers. Needless

to say, this behaviour will slowly be mirrored by all, enabling them to be their

best selves.

This give and take will ensure:

1. Easy conflict resolution

2. Active listening to understand different perspectives

3. Productive brainstorming sessions

4. Constructive exchange of feedback

It takes two tangos or an entire team to leverage their unique abilities to

achieve company and personal goals. But reaching that level requires daily

practice. As Rome wasn’t built in a day, one has to develop their

communication to deliver words and actions in a positive manner which can go

a long way in cementing relationships and manifest success for all.


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