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Employer Branding Strategy: Trends For 2022

Employer Branding Strategy: Trends For 2022 by NeverGrowUp®

The future belongs to those who prepare today with optimized strategies. In this corporate kingdom, recruiting the best possible talent is a trend itself, and companies are following or waking up to the importance of employer branding. Since remote working became the norm, recruiting strategies, goals, and finding the right balance between digital and traditional methods have taken a colossal shift.

96% of companies believe employer branding and reputation can affect their revenue tremendously, thus employing professional recruiters, bearing in mind that employees now get a chance to choose who they want to work with (thanks to the myriad of job opportunities one can find online). 84% of employees are performing additional research before applying for a job through glassdoor reviews or considering better opportunities first. External recruiters need to take complete advantage of the wealth of possibilities technology has brought to us. This will help in identifying the loophole for finding the right talent and sustaining the current ones. An individual is now considering more than just the amount credited every month. They’re all in for achieving work-life balance, skill development, rewards and recognition programs, and optimizing their current position to find better opportunities.

Let’s see how external recruiters are armed for recruiting trends of 2022 and hunting down the right talent for your company.

Businesses are eyeing global talent

With immeasurable opportunities bestowed by the pandemic, accessing the global talent pool isn’t a concern anymore. Taking employer branding to its ultimate potential is what recruiters are striving to achieve. Imagine getting to work with the most talented individuals from across the globe for accelerating growth, all while focusing your efforts on creating a desirable culture and policies for employees’ well-being. 98% of individuals working from home are readily choosing companies that offer the flexibility to work from anywhere around the world.

The demand for ‘soft skills’

‘Automation is the real disrupter’. Companies may view this as simplifying their work, but for employees, it’s coming down as a warning. Although it’s making jobs simpler, efficient, and not to forget cost-effective, it has narrowed down talent hunting to individuals equipped with soft skills. Skills like collaboration, communication, and problem-solving are what recruiters are strongly focusing on to create a culture that thrives and powers through when times are tough. Employer branding is the secret to attracting the best talent from within the industry. Given that the hiring trends will now emphasize equally soft skills and hard skills, candidates now need to be equipped equally on these skills during interviews.

Bidding farewell to old-fashioned recruiting styles

Companies are counting on recruiters and headhunters to stay strong against the influx of new trends while managing to take a modern recruitment approach using omnichannels for finding the best fit. With digital transformation and disruption in every industry, compromising on a skilled resource is not an option today. Both employees and employers are upgrading their approach towards getting the job done. Individuals getting ready for the modern era with the right skillset facilitated by technology have a higher chance of attracting impressive opportunities. External recruiters are armed to keep up with such trends and raise the bar for your employer branding strategies.

Another boon - Employee branding

As much as companies seek the right talent, it’s crucial to be willing to upgrade hiring resources and benefits to provide current employees with opportunities that are better than competition. It’s what the company believes in that inspires employees to push their limits each day. It’s when their emotional needs are met, that they’re able to prioritize a company’s needs. It all boils down to how the company is going an extra mile to create the best atmosphere for an individual to stay motivated and energized virtually. If comparing employees for the right fit, remember, a company is being compared too from the other side.

Communicating what your brand believes in and the goals you’re looking to accomplish with your recruiters, HR can set a culture that speaks volumes on the best possible experience for all. Living in the times of the Great Resignation, it’s becoming prudent for companies to uphold their values and portray the right image for all talent, potential and existing.


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