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10 types of employees in every workplace

Look around your office and you’ll find it filled with a bunch of different characters. While each workmate is unique, they do tend to fit some funny personas. Have a read and see if any of these characters are a part of your workplace (current or previous).

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The Rebellious Rooster - The fiery folks who respond only to directions, not to instructions. They love to do things their own way and encourage others to do the same. They may come across as aloof, but behind that exterior is a rebel with a cause.

Don’t touch my excel sheet

The Organised Admiral - These colleagues are so organised that they plan even for spontaneity. They keep track of everything happening in the team and make sure everyone is sticking to the plan. Their solid discipline brings calm amidst the chaos, something they truly excel at.

Jal Lijiye

The Caring Colonel - They are the kind, comforting souls in the office. They get excited when their colleagues are happy and feel pain when others get hurt. These colleagues run the risk of being called the ‘parent’ of the gang, but everyone’s glad for their presence. 

It socks to see you leave

The Punny Possum - These are expert word dribblers who don’t miss any opportunity to launch a laugh attack. They wear their wit on their sleeves, light up a dull meeting with just a few wisecracks, and no one’s complaining!

The Introvert Turtle - These often misunderstood folks are not antisocial, they just feel drained with every social interaction. A few calls and meetings are fine, but throw in an unplanned catch-up and you risk getting on their hit list.   


Sit next to me

The Evil Genius - Highly driven and highly engaged pros who are dedicated to their job, they dream big but never with their head in the clouds. They have big ambitions and bigger plans on how to fulfil them. No one dares to distract them from their mission.

The Lazy Cat

The Lazy Cat - They are the delegation champions who outsource every task except eating lunch. They have a sack full of tactics to get work done efficiently. They may even be the actual masterminds behind the scenes. After all, the saying goes, ‘Work smart, not hard.’

Ninja warrior

The Silent Killer - These are the quiet fellows who get things done without making much noise. They come in, do their job well, chill and leave. You may not even realise they’re sitting next to you, simply because they let their work do the talking.  

We got your back

The Reliable Roadie - These are the folks who solve problems on the go. You reach out to them when you’re about to lose it! They are always there to help you, clear up confusion, and be your confidant. 

The Monday Mourner - Well… this is everyone.

So many different personalities, and yet, they thrive together, united by the same values and driven by the same vision.


Psst! This blog was made with💚 and created after some thought by a real person.#NoGenerativeAI


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