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Diversity & Inclusion

dai·vuhs·uh·tee and uhn·kloo·zhn

Diversity refers to the representation of different people/communities in an organisation, and inclusion refers to the act of ensuring equal opportunity for everyone.

Improving sensitization amongst your employees through workshops and interventions, incorporating tech in D&I hiring to minimize human bias, and boosting impact through community support are some of the ways in which organisations can commit themselves to the cause of raising the diversity at different levels within their own workforce, and building an inclusive workplace. Wiping gender biases (amongst others) away, and welcoming more diversity into the workplace is what the future should look like. Best practices for DE&I include fair treatment, equal access to opportunity, teamwork, collaboration, organisational flexibility & agility, collaborative conflict resolution, representation of diversity within the team as well as stakeholders, sensitization, education, training, and more! Having a committed Diversity/Equality officer for the company further strengthens your position as a company that is committed to diversity and inclusion!

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