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It refers to excessive or prolonged stress caused due to emotional, physical, or mental factors, overworking, bullying or lack of appreciation that severely impacts your ability to perform/deliver to the best of your capabilities.

Declining performance, erratic schedules, decreased productivity, lack of excitement, etc., are all signs of burnout caused due to a disengaged workforce. With careful observation of your employees, regular pulse checks, and open communication, it is possible to avoid this situation and enhance performance. During the pandemic especially, it has been tough for many to manage work from their homes. With the amplification of responsibilities, pressure starts to build, and so do expectations, resulting in stress, body ache, insomnia, and mental health issues such as depression. Tackling the situation with a people-centric approach, HR professionals can avoid such situations from intensifying by establishing appropriate Employee Assistance Programmes and rethinking workplace efforts to create a happy and sustainable employee experience!

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