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ZEE5 is India's No. 1 ConTech brand that was awarded the OTT Platform of The Year and featured as the Most Desired OTT Brand. Launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) in 2018, ZEE5’s focus is greatly on Employer Branding and its social media presence. From continuous traffic tracking and incorporating different content styles to increase brand visibility, our team’s efforts have multiplied ZEE5’s engagement levels and organic growth.


New into the OTT space, ZEE5’s aim was to position themselves as India’s best OTT platform by working with the best talent. Our journey with ZEE5 began with measuring the Happyness Quotient within the company thereby allowing us to understand the pulse of the organization. This led onto implementing internal organization campaigns as well as social media campaigns. Our Talent strategy spreads across platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and positioning leaders as well as campaigns around culture, values, and their Employee Value Proposition.

Through a deeply researched understanding of the entertainment industry, specifically of OTT, we have helped position the brand as a thought leader not just in terms of consumer insight but also in terms of growth potential. This positive brand image has further enhanced our efforts in creating a workplace culture that values each employee and encourages them to imbibe the company philosophies in their daily professional lives.

Internal Communications

Driving Engagement That Enhances The Employee Experience

Happyness Quotient

A tool to understand the pulse of the organisation

Back in 2019, we initiated a series of communication pieces across the ZEE5 workforce inviting people to be part of a Happiness Survey powered by Never Grow Up. Using proprietary tools and methods, an online survey was conducted that saw a total of 108+ respondents. The survey measured key organizational pillars like employee engagement, rewards and recognition, work environment, work-life blend, interpersonal relationships amongst employees and more.

The extensive findings of this study helped cull out areas of improvement needed for ZEE5 to enhance the workplace experience they offered. From empowering the women workforce to implementing engagement activities based on employee well-being, the recommendations our team put forth were executed almost immediately.


A platform for employees to freely express oneself

As organizations grow, each employee's voice must continue to be heard. In order to achieve this, ZEE5[4u] was established. It’s a microsite that serves as a platform for employees to share their inspirational work stories, unique and creative ideas, and/or share a concern they are facing at work. The aim is to give the workforce an open opportunity to create and sustain a friendly and transparent work culture.

Right from conceptualizing to designing this entire platform, team Never Grow Up executed this project seamlessly. To keep the platform alive, we share monthly reminder emailers asking employees to come forth and contribute or share their feedback. Moreover, they can choose to keep their identity hidden when sharing a concern or feedback. This feature empowers them to be freer and more honest about their experience.

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Encouraging the workforce to live the ZEEL values

The ZEE company values act as a compass that steers the entire organization onto the right path. It is also the moral compass of the organization, ensuring the team’s personal beliefs are aligned with the organization. To achieve this, we directed our efforts to chalk out a value action plan namely – AMP Up, that communicated in detail each of the seven company values.

A year-long initiative AMP Up includes a series of different communication styles to engage and promote this initiative amongst the workforces. This includes emailers, comic-based communication of each value, interactive weekly quizzes on, inspirational video bytes from leaders and department heads, leadership quotes on social media and thought leadership articles on LinkedIn.

Amp UP 1.jpg
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Employer Branding On Social Media


Anecdotes that Inspire, Boost morale and Build a Community

Everybody has a unique story to tell. And we’ve created the perfect platform for ZEE5 employees to narrate their stories. From sharing a career/professional milestone and candidly speaking about the company work culture, to talking about a special hobby that ZEE5 has encouraged them to pursue whilst working, if there’s a story to narrate, we ensure it gets acknowledged!

These include specific content buckets such as – Getting Candid, The Other Side, Fresh Into ZEE5 and Employee Milestones.

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Fresh Into ZEE5.jpg
New Joinee Testimonials-05.jpg

Attracting the Right Talent

Not following the mainstream is how one attracts the right eyeballs! Keeping up with the times, we have recommended and improved job posts by ZEE5 on LinkedIn. Using a set template that serves as easy recall to our followers, the design and copy used is crisp, smart, quirky and even engaging!

Job Opening 1.jpg
Job Opening 2.jpg
Job Opening 3.jpg
JOb Opening 4.jpg

Elevating the Leader's Thoughts and Opinions

In a bid to increase and position ZEE5 leaders as industry experts, our team proactively suggests and creates insightful thought leadership articles for specific leaders. This practice has doubled their social media presence and garnered a unique audience that seeks business trends, industry insights, pearls of wisdom and professional anecdotes from their articles.

Blog 2.png
Blog 1.png

Making Remote Working Easier

Ever since the lockdown came into effect, professional and personal lines have blurred. To ease the ZEE5 team’s worries, we actioned WFH Tips – a platform for employees to share their secrets on staying motivated and productive while working from home. We created social media posts that inspired the workforce to experiment with these new tips their colleagues share and abide to one that suits them perfectly. On the ZEE5[4u] microsite, we invited them to share a story of a silent hero whose charitable and selfless efforts helped the underprivileged during the initial stages of the lockdown.

Furthermore, we even acknowledged the intern batch that was part of our team over the summer, ensuring we gave them a memorable experience despite working remotely.

WFH 1.jpg
WFH 2.jpg
wfh 3.png
WFH 4.jpg

Valuing Efforts that Drive Company Success

Recognizing & rewarding individuals and teams for their effort is key to maintain a happy workforce. Value Champs, DigiChamps and various other company awards are esteemed occasions that honour the contribution of the ZEE5 workforce. Going a step further in acknowledging this contribution, we design special social media posts or each winning category of winners and publicly hail them as champions of ZEE5!

Similar to the company awards, the ZEE5 Sales team has a designated R&R program namely – HiFlyer, to boost morale and motivation for them to excel at their sales target. In this regard, we created the exclusive HiFlyer logo to signify exemplary performance and achievement!

R&R 1.jpg
R&R 3.jpg
R&R 2.jpg
R&R 4.jpg

Keeping up with the Times

Staying relevant and engaging the audience is key to always maintain and improve one’s social media presence. Festival celebrations and topical day posts are fashioned to increase engagement rate.

Topical 1.jpg
Topical 2.png
Topical 4.png
TOpical 3.jpg

Highlighting Business Alliances and Milestones

Getting positively featured in multiple publications and article pieces is always great publicity for the company. Whenever ZEE5 leaders feature in numerous PR articles and news updates, we highlight the same on the ZEE5 LinkedIn page, drawing more attention to why certain industry experts were mentioned in the news.

We also publicly announce partnerships and business associations with different brands and service providers that make the ZEE5 entertainment experience for the consumer.

Partnership 1.jpg
Partnership 2.jpg
Partnership 3.jpg
Partnership 4.png

Glassdoor & Indeed

Besides LinkedIn, other well-known employment-related social media platforms are Glassdoor and Indeed. Team Never Grow Up has from scratch built ZEE5’s presence and is increasingly enhancing the employer branding of the company on these platforms. From ORM to posting achievements to increase ratings, we proactively position ZEE5 as the company to be working for as it promises a breakthrough career journey.

Indeed .png

Overall Brand Impact

Although ZEE5 has been just 2 years into the industry, it is a fast-emerging brand that is already India’s largest producer of original content. To be able to sustain this standard, our efforts are directed towards constantly positioning ZEE5 as a brand backed by a talented set of experts.

Since Never Grow Up has partnered with ZEE5, following are the areas wherein we have empowered the brand internally and externally.

Number of followers: 56,864


Number of Updates: 519


Reactions: 36,711

Comments: 1,642


Shares: 824


Average engagement rate: 9.66%

Over the past year, ZEE5 has witnessed a steep rise in organic followers despite an erratic update timeline. This clearly indicates the company's exponential growth even in unprecedented times.

Followers + Updates .png
Growth Rate .png

The industry growth rate in the M&E sector is 9.5%. As compared to these standards, the graph below depicts the growth rate of ZEE5 in the last 12 months, which is higher than the industry average.

This graph with the timeline October'19 to September'20, highlights the industry average updates and ZEE5's updates on LinkedIn. While the industry averages at just 15, ZEE5 has once again pushed the limit and stands at 33 monthly updates, performing exceedingly well for a young OTT player that's just 2 years in the market.

Updates .png
Engagement Rate.png

Besides an ever increasing follower base, ZEE5 has also witnessed a steep rise in engagement rate on LinkedIn. The industry average for a year is 4.60%, but for ZEE5 it is 5.17%. Once again, the company outshines as its own engagement rate is higher than the industry average. This denotes that dynamic content and formats have been used to engage and relate with a varied audience base.


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