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Curious About Workplace Counselling Services?

Simply put, counselling provides employees a safe space to manage stress, talk about and work through personal issues or work related problems with a qualified mental health professional. Our highly trained counsellors are accessible across multiple modes: Face-to-face, telephonic as well as online for counselling sessions. 


Learn more about how we can help set up a Workplace Counselling Hub for your organization.

Workplace Counselling by NeverGrowUp®

Consider this our way of giving back & supporting people during these times by focusing on their mental well-being. To put it simply, we're offering 100 hours of one-on-one Counselling absolutely free! 

Why did we do this?
It’s simple, really. 

We all have stuff to deal with and can do with some support. So whether you’re a fresher, an intern, an agency professional, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a healthcare worker, a journalist, or a therapist, or anyone who would like some support, this is for you.

Counselling Hub

Daily Session Report

Crisis Report Registry

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