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Setting Realistic Goals and Chasing them Passionately

Setting Realistic Goals and Chasing them Passionately by NeverGrowUp®

Do you thrive on setting targets and making a determined effort to achieve them? Because if you prefer a laidback approach to goals, on the whole, it will ultimately halt even the slightest progress. And this is not a scare tactic. Defining meaningful goals and meeting them will naturally elevate you from mediocre to exceptional.

Your goals need to comprise a series of steps to undertake, which when backed by action will give life to your progressive plan. Consistently setting and accomplishing specific goals, whether from an individual or team standpoint, is an art worth mastering.

It is important to focus on the results and not allow obstacles you encounter to crush your spirits. Realising individual goals expedites personal development and meeting team objectives facilitates direction, motivation, engagement, and consequently leads to collective success.

Strive to make outlining and achieving goals second nature.

Take Pride in Defining and Achieving Goals

The process of setting goals is critical. So is the objective behind the goals. Going all out to convert these goals into actual deliverables meets their intended purpose. It is vital to define achievable personal and team targets that go beyond just looking good and sounding impressive.

These handy tips encourage effective goal-setting and will inspire you and those you collaborate with to become hardcore achievers of set objectives that boost overall progress:

Assess the Present to Identify the Intended Destination

Before even beginning the goal-setting process it is necessary to evaluate the present, so you can identify a destination worth journeying towards. Having this clarity will allow you to set your sights on a target and subsequently, inch closer to executing it with the right approach.

And what is the ‘right approach’?

Achieving goals, especially when they are outrageously ambitious - almost feels like aspiring for madness. And well, there needs to be a method to the madness. Out of all the methods available, the common things that have emerged as non-negotiable are hard work, smart work, and discipline - but these come into play once you have a method in place.

If you run a search query on the web for goal setting frameworks, you’ll find a myriad of methods that may end up working for you. Some of the most common methodologies are SMART goals framework, OKRs framework, the Golden Circle method, One Word Goal Setting etc. Some methodologies like HARD goals, B.H.A.G framework, and B.S.Q framework are driven by values and construct a journey to achieve a goal differently.

The things you will end up considering are time, resources & effort in proportion to quality and quantity of results. Follow the basic guidelines of the various goal-setting frameworks to assess which fits the above proportion in the best way possible. Once that is done, stick to that framework for the designated amount of time.

It is completely acceptable to adjust your approach as you commence tackling the set goal, but having a plan, to begin with, helps you stay organised.

Persevere with Patience

The journey to meet an intended target can get overwhelming if you allow it to affect you adversely. Instead, absorb this experience, which often tests the strength of character. Staying on course with perseverance and patience to achieve a realistic goal within reasonable timelines is bound to reap a pleasant outcome.

Embrace Change that Sparks Growth

An attitude that seeks to set and achieve goals sharpens other favourable attributes in the process. These include:

Enhancing accountability and productivity

Fuelling passion and purpose

Improving Discipline

Boosting the skill of prioritising, innovating, and executing a plan

Encouraging a positive mindset

Focusing on opportunities and teamwork

Building morale

Fostering motivation

Promoting problem-solving, decision-making, and time management

Showcasing resilience when challenges abound

Sowing the seeds for a bright future

Visualise It, Believe It, Execute It

Having a set of goals to attain is a motivating factor as it conditions the human mind to push its self-imposed boundaries. Would you rather take charge or let others control the reins of your goals? Give yourself space to relax, however try not to be complacent. Instead, empower your mind and get rid of all limiting beliefs that oblige you to settle for the ordinary.

Being ambitious by setting targets (short, medium, and long-term) to work towards instils a sense of purpose. Whether you are a Manager steering your team to succeed or a professional attempting to carve a niche in your chosen field, consistently evaluating set goals is an ongoing exercise. Such reflection increases awareness and compels you to reset targets that drive growth.

The magic lies in bringing about a favourable change by executing strategic individual and team objectives. Be steadfast about your own goals and offer your team support and regular feedback to create a collaborative workspace that always delivers on their goals.

Challenge yourself and your team to aim higher by consistently setting the bar higher and planning the right way to achieve those goals.

When you wholeheartedly push your limits, success is never far behind.


Psst! This blog was made with💚 and created after some thought by a real person.#NoGenerativeAI


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