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Make It or Break It: Why Work Culture Really Matters!

Make It or Break It: Why Work Culture Really Matters! by NeverGrowUp®

There is always a debate about what separates an organization's performance from the rest. Is it the brilliant work that they do? Or maybe it is just that they have great employees? While the aforementioned aspects make a difference, in the long run, there is just one thing that makes all of these things tick.

It’s an organization’s work culture.

In a competitive environment, the type of work doesn’t change with roles. What changes is the culture in which people work. Work culture isn’t just about what they do and how they do it, but also about why they do it. What impacts culture are the beliefs and influences passed from top to bottom and the ideas that people share among themselves.

Today, as employees become a lot more aware of their behaviour patterns and what makes them excel in the workplace, offering just attractive packages and benefits isn’t going to draw them to your organization. It is your work culture that would be the deciding factor. Here’s why work culture truly matters.

It sets the tone for the future

How a company functions has a lot to do with the practices they implement in the workplace. From supporting the mental well-being of their employees, looking after their working hours, to keeping the atmosphere comfortable and not over-burdening them, building a sustainable work culture takes time. When cultural values are defined, they are easy to practice. Allowing employees to speak their minds, get creative with their thoughts, and appreciating results is the place to start.

Work culture directly impacts performance

A great package and benefits will motivate an employee, but the work culture determines how long they stick around. Naturally, there will be work pressure from time to time, but how their teammates help one other work through it will be crucial to their mental well-being and performance.

Work culture doesn’t just determine employees' performance either. It has just as much impact on the company value in the market. When people are looking for their next opportunity, they won’t just look at the money offered. They will also look for reviews on how the company treats its employees and the atmosphere in the workplace before making a final decision.

A well-functioning team is a result of good work culture

When an organization takes the time to build a culture, it is no longer just an organization but a team. One where every employee interacts with the other, different perspectives come together and work on one common goal. Healthy work culture is one where pressure and ideas are shared, and people can openly express their feelings without the thought of boundaries.

What makes a workplace awesome is supportive management, flexible working hours, and an overall sense of what gets your employees to come in every day and deliver. As a leader, you can also ensure that psychological safety is a big part of your work culture.

While these are just a few reasons why work culture matters, there is plenty more that your culture brings to the table for you and those who work with you.


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