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  • Why is it important to measure Happyness at work?
    Understanding what really drives employees is not a choice anymore. It has become an imperative. With today’s workforce, measuring engagement levels isn’t enough. By measuring happyness at work, organizations can make better decisions, launch more accurate initiatives and drive accountability. This is what will give organizations to stay ahead of the curve and retain the right talent to excel!
  • I already have an employee engagement survey in place. Now what?
    Have a look at what Happyness Quotient is offering! Based on what your existing survey already measures, we can offer alternatives for measuring gaps or help with a deep dive into analysis. We'd also be happy to build actionable plans based on research you may have already conducted. Check out everything we can do on
  • How does Happyness Quotient work? Once it’s administered, what’s next?"
    Once you administer Happyness Quotient, you can ask us to present a detailed report for every segment. All our recommendations will be data-driven, and relevant to your company. If required, Qualitative data collection like Focus Group Discussions or Depth Interviews with key stakeholders to help deepen understanding can also be conducted. Next, based on our recommendations and action plans, we will be happy to manage initiatives on a turnkey basis, thus ensuring that plans are executed with a positive impact.
  • How can I translate the results into concrete action plans?
    Results will be segregated and visually represented to give you an accurate idea of what employees feel about working in your company. A diagnosis of company culture through the use of both qualitative research; in the form of in-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions; along with quantitative research methods such as the Happyness Quotient survey, offers a precise understanding and deeper insights, leading us to develop a plan of action that gets to the root of the problem can help us build concrete strategies for areas of strength and bridge opportunities for growth.
  • Does Happyness Quotient come in different packages?
    Yes, it does. Based on your budget and other requirements, we can ensure questions resonate better with your employees, conduct analysis that can aid in the creation of a laser-sharp plan of action, or even build a new survey for you.
  • Will my employee data be safe and secure?
    Yes, it will. Your employee data will be encrypted and stored on a dedicated research domain and server. We respect data and understand privacy and access to data are restricted. Like really restricted.
  • How will I know if my people are being 'transparent' while answering?
    Every question of the tool has been created, making sure it is not biased and suggestive. Predominantly, every question has been made into a situation that the employee is likely to face at work. This helps employees reflect and puts them at ease when sharing responses.
  • How can I get my employees to participate?
    There are two ways in which we can ensure employees participate and answer all the questions. a. The questions are fun and creative. We are quite sure your employees will look forward to answering the questions as it won’t feel like the ‘typical’ survey they have been shown before. Our team also builds communication campaigns that help drive participation. Ask to see a few samples. You can write to us at
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