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Company Confidential

Talking about our work and showcasing our work are two entirely different things. And we believe in the age-old adage of ‘Show, don’t tell’. Here’s a walk-through of some of the marquee work we have done over the years, collaborating with a diverse clientele and creating cultural waves one creative at a time!


Employer Branding and Internal Communications work for this decacorn has seen us get to know the brand over three years of employee experiences, tech innovation and everything in between.

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Godrej Capital
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Godrej Capital

Working with the finserv arm of this legacy conglomerate from its nascent stages, we have seen the employer brand grow from strength to strength through collaborative, strategic efforts over the course of four fruitful years, and counting.

Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties Limited

Crafting inspiring communication pieces and campaigns for an inspiring brand, we have worked together to normalise the discourse around DEI and an inclusive employee experience as a whole.