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  • Why is it important to measure Happyness at work?
    Understanding what really drives employees is not a choice anymore. It has become an imperative. With today’s workforce, measuring engagement levels isn’t enough. By measuring happyness at work, organizations can make better decisions, launch more accurate initiatives and drive accountability. This is what will give organizations to stay ahead of the curve and retain the right talent to excel!
  • I already have an employee engagement survey in place. Now what?
    Have a look at what Happyness Quotient is offering! Based on what your existing survey already measures, we can offer alternatives for measuring gaps or help with a deep dive into analysis. We'd also be happy to build actionable plans based on research you may have already conducted. Check out everything we can do on
  • How does Happyness Quotient work? Once it’s administered, what’s next?"
    Once you administer Happyness Quotient, you can ask us to present a detailed report for every segment. All our recommendations will be data-driven, and relevant to your company. If required, Qualitative data collection like Focus Group Discussions or Depth Interviews with key stakeholders to help deepen understanding can also be conducted. Next, based on our recommendations and action plans, we will be happy to manage initiatives on a turnkey basis, thus ensuring that plans are executed with a positive impact.
  • How can I translate the results into concrete action plans?
    Results will be segregated and visually represented to give you an accurate idea of what employees feel about working in your company. A diagnosis of company culture through the use of both qualitative research; in the form of in-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions; along with quantitative research methods such as the Happyness Quotient survey, offers a precise understanding and deeper insights, leading us to develop a plan of action that gets to the root of the problem can help us build concrete strategies for areas of strength and bridge opportunities for growth.
  • Does Happyness Quotient come in different packages?
    Yes, it does. Based on your budget and other requirements, we can ensure questions resonate better with your employees, conduct analysis that can aid in the creation of a laser-sharp plan of action, or even build a new survey for you.
  • Will my employee data be safe and secure?
    Yes, it will. Your employee data will be encrypted and stored on a dedicated research domain and server. We respect data and understand privacy and access to data are restricted. Like really restricted.
  • How will I know if my people are being 'transparent' while answering?
    Every question of the tool has been created, making sure it is not biased and suggestive. Predominantly, every question has been made into a situation that the employee is likely to face at work. This helps employees reflect and puts them at ease when sharing responses.
  • How can I get my employees to participate?
    There are two ways in which we can ensure employees participate and answer all the questions. a. The questions are fun and creative. We are quite sure your employees will look forward to answering the questions as it won’t feel like the ‘typical’ survey they have been shown before. Our team also builds communication campaigns that help drive participation. Ask to see a few samples. You can write to us at

At Never Grow Up ®, we believe in letting our work speak for ourselves. You may not hear us blowing the trumpet too loud, but that’s just the way we are. Over the last few years, we have been fortunate to work on a variety of projects across industries & levels while being true to our philosophy of building happier workplaces. Here’s a peek into some of our work and journey!

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This partnership came about at a crucial time for the media powerhouse, as ZEE embarked on a transformation journey to ZEE 4.0. With the aim of positioning ZEE as a global creative content company backed with state-of-the-art technology, we developed a strategic creative communication approach to build a solid corporate and employer brand on their social media platforms. Since then, we have planned, created and executed content and design for all forms of dynamic internal and external communication. This included robust communication of engagement initiatives, managing ZEE’s career page for Glassdoor and Indeed, and building effective ORM strategies across these platforms including LinkedIn. We worked on revamping their policies, while also ideating and implementing diversity and inclusion programs to attract and retain the right talent. To further their goal of inculcating socially responsible behaviors in employees, we developed a communication plan for internal and external platforms, with creatives for amplifying ZEE’s CSR and ISR initiatives. When ZEE launched the Tech & Innovation Centre in Bengaluru, we took charge of social media and internal communications by creating comprehensive pre-launch, launch, and post-launch communication plans to increase awareness, generate interest, and sustain engagement. From development to execution, we played a significant role in the launch of their mental health counseling program in order to drive holistic well-being in the organization. Our extensive work on their R&R programs, which included conceptualizing, creating and cascading internal and social media campaigns, helped drive company competencies and enable remarkable behavioral transformation. We’re invested in continuing to elevate the ZEE legacy through impactful communication across internal and external platforms.

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Leading their Employer Branding efforts across social media, our focus is on creating various content pieces that showcase their efforts towards building a healthy and rewarding work culture.. Bridging the gap between fun, relatable content and the latest happenings in the food tech industry with a focus on employee experience, our work and consistency resulted in Swiggy winning the ‘Best Employer Brand’ at the LinkedIn Awards, 2022. 


The range of topics covered across different formats includes anniversaries, tenure and benefits, Women In Tech stories, bytes from the tech world that impact the app’s functionality, original content like Notions of Food and topical content for the Swiggy blog. Infusing our expertise into the mandate, we include an Employer Branding element in these articles. Swiggy uploads the blogs on their website and posts them on their LinkedIn page. There is a ton of original content, published across short form and long form, that takes you behind the scenes of one of the most reputed and successful startups in the country.

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Never Grow Up partnered with Wipro, a leading technology services and consultant company, to spearhead two content-led internal communications projects. The policy mandate involved cohesively re-structuring 1900 HR policies (Level 1 and Level 2) with the aim of communicating them to Wipro-ites across the globe. Over a span of three months, our team delivered over 200 policies, via a meticulous review mechanism to enable consistency in language, clarity of key messages and logical flow of information. Along with creating a robust and streamlined system of organizational policy manuals, we also covered a variety of communications to be sent to their employees. These included sub-editing, reviewing content for newsletters, copy for intranet, microsites, re-writing citations for awards and proofing insurance manuals, benefits plans, tax information, and more. Across all forms of communication, the aim has been to do away with redundancy, present policies as easily comprehensible guides and ensure top-notch quality that accurately reflects Wipro’s employee voice. 

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With this edtech leader, we worked on a large scale project to identify and develop a value framework that helps in tying all of the various entities that upGrad acquired over a span of two years. This project involved speaking with several leaders and employees across varied functions in a long, intensive series of focus group discussions partnering with 13 entities that operate at various locations, pan India. The extensive analysis that followed gave us rich insights into the workings of upGrad as a whole. 


This project delved into cultural and behavioural aspects of the organisation that have made upGrad as successful as it is today, where we acted as consultants to provide experience and evidence backed recommendations on how they could continue to go from strength to strength.

We partnered with Burger King, the home of the iconic Whopper, to drive their employer branding and internal communication efforts. The mandate involves revamping the brand’s presence on LinkedIn, creating posts that highlight Burger King’s potential as an employer of choice. Interspersed with fun and engaging content, the posts cover a whole gamut, from behind-the-scenes bytes to showcasing different aspects of work culture at Burger King.

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Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited is an Indian financial services company with a wide array of offerings. We worked together with them to analyse, interpret, glean insights and understand the organisation’s ethos through employee feedback and sentiment. Our goal was to derive from this an employee value proposition (EVP) that aligned with the company’s values, vision and mission, while also authentically reflecting the employee experience. Thorough research, thoughtful content, psychometrically sound behavioural indicators and targeted design thinking culminated in the creation of an EVP statement, pillars and attributes. This was bolstered by branding in the form of a logo that elevates the Motilal Oswal employer brand and reflects their commitment to continually improve the experiences of their people.

From extensive leadership interviews to focus group discussions, for this leading professional learning platform, we delved deep into organizational culture to ultimately arrive at a holistic and authentic employee value proposition. The insight collection stage was followed by thorough analysis of Times Pro as an employer, providing the leadership with a strong sense of direction in terms of their business objective alignment and cultural tenets. We have been working with the company to chart out a roadmap for the future in the shape of a unique EVP statement that
resonates with the people of Times Pro, key cultural pillars to embed and embrace within the organization, and associated behavioural strands to further refine takeaways for every employee to truly live the ethos of the company. Via compelling insights, thought-through content and psychometrically sound actionables, we are partnering to uplift the Times Pro culture and enhance impact-creation.

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Our journey with Ting Works has started with Never Grow Up being responsible for deriving detailed insights and analysis from the brand's cultural survey conducted previously. We currently work closely with key stakeholders and leadership across teams as their consultants and turn key delivery partners. 

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The L&D team at Epsilon, a Bengaluru based digital media agency, reached out for some fun-based learning activities and workshops, engaging a group of employees during a four-day road show. Keeping up with the enthusiastic bunch of individuals, we designed as well as executed two parallel sessions that urged the participants to unlearn & relearn with innovation; and look at story-telling differently leading to a sense of team bonding while bringing out their creative side.

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In October 2022, we partnered with Aditya Birla Group (ABG) to communicate and drive engagement for their latest vehicle policy. The target audience included everyone from an executive level to C-suite leaders across all of ABG’s business units. Our mandate included showcasing ABG’s intent to assist their employees in upgrading their lifestyle by highlighting new features of the policy, informing employees about the policy portal, and subtly nudging them to choose internal financing over third-party loans. The campaign also involved rebranding the Rewards & Benefits department, for which we created a new logo to represent ABG’s approach of keeping the employee wellbeing at the centre of their processes and policies.


We partnered with this financial services conglomerate to give their careers site a complete overhaul, making the content centered around the newly-launched Employee Value Proposition, while keeping it intuitive and engaging, ultimately resulting in a virtual journey through the employee experience at Aditya Birla Capital. From understanding their perks and benefits, growth opportunities and learning offerings, to conducting interviews with employees that reflect the work culture, we created content that spans across official policies and real-lived experiences alike. Working within tight character limits as per the user interface, mapping the EVP to various website and employee touchpoints, and bringing to life what it means to work at ABC, the content was created from scratch and covers everything from punchy, crisp taglines and detailed value descriptions, to short video scripts for leaders and full-length 400-word text-stories of employees. Alongside the careers site project, we also worked on LinkedIn strategy and execution to propel the ABC employer brand for the external audience. With a strong focus on the rich breadth of benefits ABC offers its people, the objective was to bolster talent acquisition efforts and establish ABC as an employer of choice for talent across demographics, even including freelancers and gig workers.

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We are on a journey with ABHIL. One that transcends HR communication to helping them build their culture while establishing thought leadership online.


From campaigns on POSH to communicating on-boarding and policies, we are currently helping build and strengthen their internal communications through multiple projects that impact people, policy and core HR initiatives.


One of the core turnkey projects has also been the roll-out of their anonymous feedback gathering mechanism.

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We have been instrumental in assisting this renowned brand develop and execute its

Talent Brand strategy through Social media. Our partnership with them commenced in 2020, when we delved deep into the essence of Pidilite's culture. Our utilization of social media, particularly on the LinkedIn platform, has yielded remarkable results. We have successfully attracted top-tier talent and professionals through a strategic communication approach, fostering an exceptional workforce. Our efforts include creating captivating infographics, engaging job posts, lively GIFs for topical occasions, meaningful CSR activity posts, and timely PR updates. We are also extending our reach to their primary customers, embarking on an exciting new journey with endless possibilities.

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Happyness Quotient Survey

NGU partnered with HDFC AMC to evaluate employee satisfaction using our proprietary Happyness Quotient Survey tool. Together, we customized the survey questions and crafted a series of communication pieces to improve overall response.


We administered, recorded, and analyzed the survey responses throughout the process. Our efforts culminated in a comprehensive analysis, spotlighting changes and trends compared to the previous annual engagement survey across a sample size of over 1000. Deep data analysis also helped put together function and zone level insights thus presenting tailored insights to the team to act upon.   

 International Women’s Day Campaign

We also partnered to roll out an impactful International Women's Day campaign, with initiatives that included 'Women of Substance', featuring three hundred inspiring stories of nominated women employees, which were shared internally through creative testimonial templates. A 'Financial Planning Session' offered valuable tips from the top leaders and was effectively conveyed through captivating infographics. 'Unleashing the Shakti' involved an internal panel discussion celebrating women employees' unique journeys that showcased courage, strength, and inspiration, fostering a supportive environment for women to succeed within the organization.

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With the Indian subsidiary of the global media & marketing behemoth, we have contributed extensively and deeply to internal initiatives. From conceptualising, developing and communicating their organisational narrative ‘Be Limitless’ alongside India group-level values, to rolling out culture surveys, a KPI-setting endeavour and regular internal communications, we have been involved at multiple touchpoints of the employee experience with in-depth culture-building endeavours. Other regular roll-outs involve, The Beat – a detailed newsletter from the CEO’s desk, internal podcast communications, R&R communications, client intimations, L&D information, COVID-19 awareness collaterals, as well as regular strategizing and brainstorming on internal information dissemination and leadership communication. As their internal communications and work culture partner, we have also assisted the company on goal-setting endeavours, a company-wide performance assessment/management mechanism, as well as feedback surveys for long-term insights and quick pulse checks.

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We partnered with Godrej Capital, the finserv arm of Godrej Industries, right from its inception, driving a transformative journey, like no other. Our pivotal role in establishing their distinctive personal brand focused on LinkedIn employer branding and internal communications. Through our multifaceted campaigns, we amplified their online visibility, positioning them as a top player in the industry. Our innovative content and design caters to diverse initiatives, including recruitment drives, employee well-being promotion, and Great Place to Work certification announcements, among others. We also had the opportunity to create thought leadership content for key leaders and actively engage GCites in the employer branding process through internal communications and digital hiring campaigns.


Our LinkedIn-first strategy for talent branding proved to be a game-changer, establishing Godrej Capital as an influential thought leader within the competitive BFSI sector. This strategic approach not only attracted exceptional talent but also underscored the brand's unwavering commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). The numbers speak for themselves, as we achieved an exceptional 39x increase in LinkedIn followers over a span of two years. Furthermore, an impressive 65% of their hiring was conducted organically through this powerful platform.


One of the most prominent real estate companies in India, GPL partnered with us to drive their Employer Branding and Internal Communications efforts. We began by crafting compelling content that highlighted their distinctive features, policies, and core values. This involved designing visually appealing creatives, crafting impactful copy, and creating engaging post captions for a wide range of topics, including hiring initiatives, in-house celebrations, L&D programs, sensitization sessions, policy launches, and more. These efforts delivered the desired results in the form of increased engagement from GPL's LinkedIn audience and their employees too.

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Collaborating with the B2B banking tech unicorn, we worked on employer branding and internal communication strategies that focused on aligning their employees (whom they refer to as ‘Zetanauts’) with the vision and mission of the organisation. Through proactive ideation and planning, a number of campaigns for their social media were curated by harnessing the power of user-generated content featuring Zetanauts and their stories. We also undertook ORM responsibilities to strengthen Zeta’s online presence, analysed key metrics and recommended data-rich strategies through monthly social media reports, which resulted in the growth and sustenance of the company’s followership. Through simple, welcoming and direct communication spanning across mailers, internal blogs, physical assets and social media posts, we were able to establish a strong employer brand and drive a sense of pride, belonging and alignment for Zetanauts across all levels.

You’ve Got Us Talking!

Since our inception, we have conceptualised, created and executed over 200 Customized & Unconventional Team Experiences and ‘Gamification’ led Training Interventions [from 10 to 400 people] for organizations across sectors. These have been spread across areas like communication skills, business etiquette, team building, conflict management and creativity to simply creating something for teams to ‘unwind’ after hard day’s work! We pride ourselves in creating modules that are designed to suit a particular culture while using ‘the arts’ to address people challenges at the workplace.

We’ve also managed and executed turn-key off-site projects and/or fun at work activities including multi-city events for clients 

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Through our partnership with this iconic British retailer brand, we provided extensive strategic support by ideating and developing internal communication plans, building campaigns with compelling themes, and elevating various existing internal initiatives. In addition to this, we have also assisted in creating an enhanced communication approach for external platforms through content and design support on LinkedIn, including the creation of standardized communication templates. One of the major campaigns we’ve worked on for M&S is the launch of their wellness property “Mindfulness”. To incorporate their pillars of wellbeing into the program, we created an all-encompassing communication plan with name options, logo designs, approach to identify areas requiring wellness support and perform due diligence, as well as content and design for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch communication to sustain engagement and ensure longevity. On the same lines, we also assisted with strategic inputs, ideas, and creative approaches to enhance their DEI and R&R programs, increase engagement with UGC, enhance top-down communication, and develop physical engagement activities. Our regular roll-outs include monthly campaign calendars and collaterals such as ID Card design, certificates, mailers, GIFs, letterheads, monthly wallpapers, and newsletters. We are also currently working on elevating the brand identity with creative office wall branding. 

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Case Study | To celebrate Retail Employees Day in 2015, we created an original song dedicated to retail employees across the country which was recorded in multiple languages. The song is now played across stores at Shoppers Stop at special occasions. In 2016, we conducted a social experiment that made people realize the importance and appreciate employees. Along with capturing this experiment on video, we took 'Thank You' to a much bigger scale by putting up hoardings across cities and organizing surprise clap mobs across store locations to express gratitude on this occasion. In 2017, several activities were conducted keeping in mind the objective of bringing smiles on maximum employees face. A series of activities ranging from motion standees to quirky Thank You cards, videos and varied social media campaigns on Shaking hands to appreciate employees. The campaign went an extra mile and extended gratitude by personally visiting and thanking the families of differently-abled employees and capturing their journey through a video.


With the core objective of reliving and imbibing company values across the organization and adding value to Employee Engagement practices Never Grow Up ® partnered with Shoppers Stop to launch an initiative called 'IPledge'. While the idea meant to reach out to every single person across the organization brought a new sense of camaraderie across levels and stores, this initiative also got our client into the Limca Book of Records. This was followed by an award for 'The organization with the most Innovative HR Practices' award for IPledge at the World HRD Congress 'Talent and HR Leadership Awards. That's not all! Another initiative aptly called the 'Goodie Box' conceptualized and created by our team has also helped them bag the award for 'The Most Innovative HR initiative' at the award ceremony. The program lasted two years with evolutionary steps being taken to sustain and enhance the campaign that touched various business aspects from grooming to CSR.

Turnkey Initiatives

As a case in point, we have worked on a series of interventions ranging from Internal Communication Campaigns, key policy roll-outs, Reward and Recognition Programs, helping launch the Innovation Platform for the company, making Campus Presentations, running Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns, Idea Generation Workshops, customized Training Interventions and designing Staff Welcome Kits while managing ‘Fun Fridays’! We’ve also helped roll out the company's Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy in a unique way a pilot ‘Counselling Centre’ for employees and worked closely with the team to roll out their new dress code.

Retail Employees' Day

To celebrate Retail Employees’ Day in 2015, we created an original song dedicated to retail employees across the country which was recorded in multiple languages. In 2016, we conducted a hoardings and organized social experiment that made participants realize the importance of retail employees. Along with capturing this experiment on video, we took 'Thank You' to a much bigger scale by putting up hoardings and organizing surprise clap mobs across store locations to express gratitude on this occasion..

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Internal Communications: At ICICI Prudential, the spirit and belief of service excellence is rewarded on an annual basis through an internal initiative known as 'Tatva'. Never Grow Up has partnered with them to plan and execute the roll-out of the entire campaign. We have also implemented a series of monthly internal campaigns to sustain the buzz around Tatva and keep employees engaged with the campaign for over two years.