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The New Year’s Effect on Overambitious Goals

Maybe it’s the fireworks. Maybe it’s the festive spirit. Or maybe, just maybe…we’re all high from the joy that this season brings. But there’s something to be said about the start of the year. It’s a time where no matter where you are, your hopes and dreams for the next year seem so real - that achieving them feels as easy as raising your glass on New Year’s Eve. One would think that the ‘clink’ of the glasses meeting is your sign to ‘GO’… 

The Curious Case of Leaping Before Looking  Be it your personal or professional goals, it's pretty normal to feel pumped about starting anything when January comes around. And while it’s true that greatness is just some effort away, the rose-tinted glasses that the new year puts on us can make everything - from climbing Mt. Everest to knocking off those otherwise daunting but now (overly) ambitious goals - seem like cakewalk.

So, when the thoughts occur, be sure to ask yourself – is this really realistic? The festive season can both influence and inspire us. Like a reset button of sorts, it offers us the chance to embrace a fresh start, the excitement of which leads us to seek major changes. The key here is to take a step back and understand: how doable these changes truly are and how you can sustain them using this ‘inspiration’ as a boost.

The Mistaken Identity of Overambition  Now, while being ambitious about your goals is admirable and being excited about a new beginning is understandable, staying in touch with reality is equally important. After all, a dream without a plan remains a dream and if you intend to bring yours to life properly, you’ve also got to consider the logistics of it. ‘Cause excitement is nice to have but strategy is even better.

Balance your ambitions out with some much-needed realism. Don’t set yourself up for failure by overexerting yourself. Instead, choose to build momentum slowly by breaking it all down into smaller baby steps. Take stock of your progress and celebrate every little win. The sense of accomplishment will help you stay true to the big picture in the long run. 

Bear in mind that the road to your goals is akin to a journey, not an errand, and opting for lofty (read: seemingly monumental) goals stems mainly from the desire to achieve instant gratification which will eventually lead to burnout.

Life As We Know It  The pursuit of a dream, a resolution, or even a quarterly company goal, doesn’t come with the guarantee of quick or easy fulfilment. And, considering the unpredictable nature of life, twists, turns and surprises are a given. So, when life happens the way it does, let patience take the lead. (Yes, we know it sounds like a proverb, but it’s true.) At any time, life could very well come in the way of your ‘well-thought-out’ plans, and being patient not just with the situation but also with yourself will take you a long way. Beyond that, if there’s anything else that life teaches you, it is to adapt. Because change is constant and while having a plan gives you a firm base to build your aspirations on, how flexible and adaptable you are in the process, ensures that your goal becomes a lasting success.  


It’s funny how, when you think about it, the end of December and January seems simply like a time for merriment and celebration. And yet, it's also precisely the time that has the strongest capacity to push you to make changes like never before. That’s the power of possibility and such is the effect of the new year; simple, profound, and potentially a whole lot of fun (provided you’ve got the right plans in place).


Psst! This blog was made with💚 and created after some thought by a real person.#NoGenerativeAI



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