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The (Fun)damentals of a Happy Workplace

The (Fun)damentals of a Happy Workplace by NeverGrowUp®

Many organizations try hard (read: overcompensate) to liven up their workplace by scheduling an overload of activities for their employees. But often, these initiatives are marked by a sense of compulsion, and employees end up feeling obligated to participate. The social misconception that it is unprofessional to indulge in ‘fun’ activities that do not profit the company is exactly that – a misconception!

A ‘fun’ workplace relieves stress, makes the day a little brighter, and also boosts employee loyalty. Creating a fun environment at work is not really rocket science. It can simply be looked at as a way to break the monotony so that employees actually feel like working with you. But having fun at work shouldn’t be something that is forced. To make sure you don’t overdo the ‘fun’ part, here are a few ideas and activities you can implement.

Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating milestones may sound very basic but it will mean a lot to employees. From birthdays and anniversaries to big or small achievements, try and celebrate each and every employee in some or another way. A simple example would be to get a collective gift or even a cake for the employee or maybe have a small team lunch.

Having a ‘Casuals Day’

A fun workplace doesn’t necessarily mean being physically on the go at all times! Simple things such as ‘Casual Fridays’ or even ‘Dress-up Mondays’ can add a bit of flair to everyday activities. You can ask employees to dress according to their comfort zone or even have a melodramatic fancy dress competition/fashion show at the end of the day for them to unwind.

Employee Listening

What better way to gather insights than to ask employees themselves? A weekly or quarterly online form can be circulated to ask teams what activities would they like to indulge in. More often, you’ll find that they’ll be more than happy to help you since it benefits them as well. This also provides an excellent bonding opportunity between the company and team members.

Encourage Workplace Décor

The décor in a workplace talks a lot about the company’s values, its goals and also their employees. A bland workplace doesn’t really enhance employee motivation. You can encourage employees to decorate their cubicles or the workplace with things they like. This will give them a sense of having a personal touch at work. This way, they can also share their tastes so that fellow co-workers and leaders have the opportunity to know a little more about the person behind the designation!

Happiness Badges

Appreciate the small things in your company. A happiness badge facilitates camaraderie among your employees. Every good thing that an employee does for another employee, the company, or even when clients do something that makes you say " WOW!’ deserves some sort of appreciation. To learn more about happiness badges visit

As a team, you may go through some ups and downs but at the end of the day, all that matters is that your employees actually have ‘fun’ on the job and learn as they go! While this doesn’t really require having a fixed procedure, it is important to continue adapting to your workforce needs, listen to them and follow through on your promises.


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