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OurWay.Rocks For Your Company Culture To Rock!

OurWay.Rocks For Your Company Culture To Rock! by NeverGrowUp®

As a work culture firm dedicated to the cause of aiding companies build and sustain a positive work culture, we take great pride in our very own work culture. Of course, it wasn’t created overnight. The journey was long and yet, filled with life lessons and great memories. We have documented it on a website – OurWay.Rocks!

The objective of creating this site was to share how one can build a formidable work environment. For us it has always been about providing exactly what the employee wants, deserves, and in some cases, needs. From outlining company values that give purpose to one’s role, to saying a simple “Thank you”; there’s a lot that goes into getting the basics, right? This is exactly why we decided to make public a site so dear to our hearts. A site that tells you exactly how we run the show.

To start-up founders, entrepreneurs, and those looking to elevate or build from scratch your company culture, you’ve hit jackpot! This one-stop guide can help you see work-life from unique perspectives, and help you find your own workplace happiness formula.

What Is Our Way?

Valuing values! Company values are as important as a building’s corner stone. They act as a voice of reason that guide the people like a compass. Believing and living the company values can aid in attracting the right talent who result in being the perfect culture fit. Establishing what your company believes in and strongly stands against, symbolizes a brand that has a conscious voice to do what is right. After all, such a reputation is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Offering The Good Stuff

Perks and benefits have always piqued a candidate’s or an employee’s interest. At Never Grow Up®, there’s a long list of benefits - Right from referring a buddy, to working from home, health insurance, in-house counselling, learning and upskilling, an open pantry, and much more.

Would you believe that over 30% of our workforce are referrals hired via our existing team members?

Incentivizing something as simple as referring a friend at work boosts an individual’s loyalty and trust in the company. Besides, it builds a work environment where it’s easy to make friends at work and strengthen the team bonding.

Being sensitive towards employee physical and mental health by offering insurance and access to an in-house counsellor, respectively, implies that the team is genuinely cared for.

P.S – We implemented ‘work from home’ as a perk way back in the day and in the long run, it served as an advantage when the world got into a state of lockdown and business operations completely moved to the digital and virtual world.

Guidelines Help Stay In The Lane

Certain company policies and guidelines prevent workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment. It benchmarks a standard of professionalism that must be adhered. Moreover, these policies protect employees and ensure that the employee experience is healthy and happy. Prevention Against Discrimination and/or Bullying (PADB) and Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) are extremely essential policies that must be implemented in all companies, irrespective of size.

As an employer, it is imperative to understand the difference between discrimination and bullying and the myths surrounding it. Non-compliance with the 2013 POSH Act can result in hefty fines, cancellation of the company’s licence, and even jail term for senior executives. Since the birth of Never Grow Up® and the inception of POSH, we have had ZERO cases! Thus, denoting a safe working environment for ALL our employees (including the male workforce) as our POSH policy caters to all genders.

Appreciating Even The Little Things

Your team will work for money but are they willing to go the extra mile?

Recognition of any kind is one of the best ways to showcase gratitude and value a colleague’s efforts. We even believe in appreciating someone who has strong soft skills and supports the team in intangible ways!

Spot recognition with Happiness Badges, R&R programs such as Rockstar Of the Quarter, and even exclusive appreciation like our Happiness Cheques, are some of the ways we display our immense gratefulness to our peers across the floor.

No, we haven’t forgotten the most essential responsibility that an employer has towards the team – listening to them! Paying actual attention to feedback, ideas and concerns shared, is a sign of a healthy work environment. It’s obvious that such a platform must exist, but in reality, how effective are these portals if not maintained with utmost transparency and confidentiality?

At Never Grow Up®, our firm belief in these values has been the backbone in establishing an honest relationship with each of our employees as well as our clients and stakeholders. This in turn gave birth to a positive work culture that thrives on honesty, appreciation and happiness.

While we give you the basic pillars of building an effective work culture, we hope it encourages you to bring in a certain quirk or fun aspect that clearly defines ‘Your Brand’. For after all, OurWay.Rocks certainly rocks!


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