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False Hopes: This is Not a Corporate Story, This is a Human Story!

Has content about Women’s Day, diversity, inclusion, equality, feminism, and a few more buzzwords now been surfacing on your social media timelines a bit more than usual? Unlike any of that, we’re here to narrate a human story, not a Women’s Day story. Come along as we delve into diversity and inclusion at the workplace from the lens of a person, a human being, a whole, a force of nature!

Have you ever felt that subtle nudge, sort of like a silent alarm, alerting you to something crucial? It’s like standing at the door, hovering your hand over the hot doorknob and waiting for data reports and statistics to confirm that the house is set ablaze! But you know what the best part about this story is? We can prevent the fire from igniting in the first place, and hence, we would like to do our bit in kindling the idea about realising genuine diversity at work. 

We promise you, it’s far from ticking boxes or boosting profits. It is shattering illusions and embracing the truth in inclusion. Agreed, that having more women in boardrooms is great, but thinking that it would automatically churn out economic success can be a bit of a stretch. Research shows that the magic ingredient that goes into this mix is not the numbers, it is creating an environment where everyone, regardless of their gender, truly matters. True inclusion means so much more than merely being present in the room; it extends into having a say in shaping decisions and feeling valued at the core. Leaders at any rung, if you’re reading this, and intently so, then this is your cue to construct a space of trust, dismantle discrimination, and uphold diversity for the sheer richness it brings to our humanity. Consider the idea of investing in people because it’s the right thing to do, and not just for the bottomline. Must we wait for economic gains to value human dignity?

Don’t we all enjoy indulging in wishful daydreaming? Imagine you’re stirring your coffee near the vending machine. Now would be a good time to zone out and wonder how pleasant it is to be associated with a place of work where your voice matters, mistakes are owned up to, and everyone feels like they truly belong, way past the initial months of joining.

Whenever you’re ready to zone back in…

Turning this into a reality begins with leaders rolling up their sleeves and being a solid rock anchoring the team. When leaders encourage open communication, listen to opinions that don’t quite align with theirs, and actively participate in diversity workshops, breaking free from the anchor and setting sail towards splendid outcomes make for a wonderful adventure.

Yes, we understand that establishing a near-perfect workplace culture which is helmed in diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a destination. However, the direction can come from mentoring programs. It’s a great place where leaders and team members reap the benefits like a boost in motivation and fresh insights into the current trends. Wondering why taking mindful steps to building an inclusive space matters? Because this is a deal we are making with ourselves, of making diversity not just a part of our strategy, but the very pulse of our work culture. Diversity counts the players, but inclusion changes the game. And we are game for our game to change!

Shifting the radar to a much-debated term, of late – ‘bio-leave’ in Indian organisations. This mysteriously sends a message to folks that women are fragile, and therefore, less reliable at work. As women start out their careers, they find themselves caught between what society expects and what they dream for themselves. To delay or avoid the brunt of traditional pressure to get married, a lot of talented women end up looking for opportunities abroad. This has escalated ‘brain-drain’. Visualising this on a national scale, we are losing valuable talent because our conservative ideas about what women should and shouldn’t do, eventually end up pushing them to achieve success outside of our own borders. Though these women are putting themselves on the global map, we miss out on their skills and contributions right here at home.

Speaking of contributions at home, it’s rather interesting to see women’s health witnessing a revolution in our country. ‘Sheconomy’, fueled by ‘FemTech’, is booming to ease the physiological challenges women undergo. Just as it takes the right awareness and education for most endeavours to flourish, this too, would have to be brought into a larger sphere of conversations.

What do you think will have to happen in order to take this buzzword into the biz-world, and for it to sustain its lustre inside out? 

A paradigm will have to shift to settling for nothing less than a work environment which is marked by respect, empathy, and connection. Before we realise it, we will have achieved enhanced job satisfaction, unparalleled creativity, and par excellence career opportunities. As individuals, we are hardwired to crave acknowledgement, fairness, and a sense of belonging pretty much everywhere that we go. This endorses the fact that inclusion is a fundamental human need, cutting way through a bunch of diversity initiatives. The real diversity lies in thought, addressing biases with grace, and getting those so-called ‘checkboxes’ out of our system. It is only when employees feel genuinely included, that they are driven to bring their whole selves to the organisation, which further keeps them engaged in effective problem-solving, creativity, and pure innovation.

Yet another thing we’re wired to do is fall for biases, and we fall really hard sometimes, taking the others down with us! Ever thought about the subtle behaviours we engage in, that may be getting in the way of a few others being their authentic, unfiltered selves around us? Often, we miss out on seeing them for who they really are because of our own filters playing in the background. Let’s reflect on the shades we may be holding up, unintentionally dimming the brightness of those sharing our space.

Time to wrap up with the moral of the story. Wait, how about we look within us for the moral(s) we took away from this blog. Sharing our favourite one as an inspiration, if it helps.It’s no coincidence that inclusion starts with ‘I’. And as cliche as it sounds, every little bit helps.


Psst! This blog was made with💚 and created after some thought by a real person.#NoGenerativeAI


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