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Training & Development

trei.ning and di.veh.luhp.muhnt

A planned effort by an organisation to help improve the performance of individuals and teams by enhancing their knowledge and skills through educational activities.

With new e-learning portals available at the click of a button, people are constantly seeking to upskill and to improve their salaries, positions and performances.

To put it simply, employees who are given access to regular opportunities to learn, develop and grow in their careers are more likely to stay with a company. Training and development is more than just teaching new information or skills to enhance performance. Effective programs always take into account what the employee values, how that impacts their performance management process and set clear guidelines for skill building. Cost-cutting on upskilling is extremely harmful because of the negative impact it has on productivity, mental well-being and an employee’s confidence in their current skill-set. Re-investing in training and developing is no longer just a perk, but a smart of enabling employees to stay ahead of the curve.

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