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Artificial Intelligence

aa·tuh·fee·shl in·teh·luh·jens

A field of computer science that aims to replicate human intelligence in machines. In HR, this aims to improve employee experience by taking over low-value and/or repetitive tasks and free up time for the workforce to focus on more creative endeavours.

From increasing the efficiency of the hiring process to faster inquiry resolution, AI can aid your HR team streamline and improve the recruitment process. Besides, it can also be used to enhance learning opportunities by setting up personalized recommendations based on individual needs. Adapting to AI in HR may help ease laborious manual jobs and improve the efficacy of your teams. The top application of AI in HR continues to be in the fields of recruitment & onboarding, internal mobility & employee retention, and automation of administrative tasks. With the right skill training opportunities for your HR teams, you can pave the way for the future of Human Resource Management at your company!

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