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This guidebook is an essential part of the agreement you sign with us 'the company' and outlines your responsibilities as a counsellor / professional offering services through us ‘the company’. Guidelines for Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors and Therapists empaneled with Never Grow Up Workshops Private Limited.

Welcome !

We’re very excited to have you onboard and get started. We believe that the best way to do this is by providing you with a structured outline of what our service is about, what we expect from you and how we can help along the way. This document contains detailed specifications of the Workplace Well-Being Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by Never Grow Up Workshops Private Limited. In particular, it highlights specific guidelines for Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors and Therapists empaneled with the company.


Service Overview

The Workplace Counselling Hub is part of the Workplace Well-Being EAP offering and provides employees a safe space to manage stress, talk about and work through personal issues or work-related problems with a qualified mental health professional.

As part of the package, counselling services can be availed by employees across three modes - Face-To-Face, via Telephone and Online. 

As an empaneled counsellor, you may be required to provide mental health counselling via more than one mode. This will be communicated to you in detail when the need arises.


Here’s what you need to know

Here are a few key things to remember before, during and after a counselling session. This applies across all three modes. You must be mindful of guidelines and laws and embrace best practices to helping corporate clients across demographics. 



Maintaining a strict code of ethics is something that we take very seriously and expect the same from any individual that works with us. The counsellor is discouraged from sharing their personal contact details or social media handles with the client, at any point.

Since the counsellor-client relationship needs to remain strictly professional, any sharing of personal data from the counsellor’s end is disallowed. This helps maintain a fair and transparent working environment for all parties involved.

Poaching of clients is prohibited under all circumstances. If you have your own private practice or are tied up with another organization/NGO, you are expected not to share this information with our clients while empaneled with the company for privacy and confidentiality purposes.



Client confidentiality is our utmost priority. This includes not just the contents of the session, but also the fact that a client is seeking counselling support as well.

The only circumstance where confidentiality can be broken is if there is a serious risk to the client’s life or if another person’s life was at risk, including abuse of a child or elder or a case of sexual harassment at work

This means that any dialogue that is had between you and the client will remain within the confines of the session, unless it is flagged as a mental health crisis and requires crisis intervention.  Information on crisis Intervention has been covered in Section 13. EXCEPTIONS TO CONFIDENTIALITY in the Service Agreement.


All communication regarding crisis intervention can be sent to


Maintaining records

It is vital that our clients can trust that their details will remain completely confidential. All client and session records must be maintained electronically on a password protected laptop/computer. In order for Never Grow Up to access certain data and track progress, you will be required to provide written reports from time to time.

All reports are to be maintained online. You will also be given a Never Grow Up email id for you to communicate.

Details of all forms, can be seen here > We recommend you bookmark this page.

Online Counselling Guidelines

We take pride in our people and want our clients to see this as well. In order to maintain utmost levels of confidentiality while providing online therapy, the company will provide you with a paid Zoom account, complete with a work email address to ensure complete security for all parties involved.


Your Zoom account must be used for online counselling sessions with clients of Never Grow Up only.


Before setting up an online counselling session, please ensure that the following is in place

  • Close any tabs that are currently also using Wi-Fi/Personal Hotspot as this may cause the connection to be problematic.

  • Ensure that you remove all possibility of any interruptions so that you can pay complete attention to your client. If your mobile phone is on, please put it on silent and turn off anything that alerts you to messages on your laptop screen.

  • Choose a location with good natural light, where possible.

  • Wherever you are seated, it is important to consider what the client is seeing and aim for a clear background with no personal photos, notes or anything that might be a distraction.

  • Wear a pair of earphones or headphones to enable you to hear the client clearly and add an extra layer of confidentiality to the session.

  • Join the session 5 minutes in advance.


If at any point you are facing any technical issues with online counselling, do write to us at



From time to time, clients may have certain questions about the Counselling Hub service and your role as an empaneled Counsellor. These FAQ’s will serve as a guideline to help you provide them with any information they require.

General FAQ’s

I have never been for a counselling session before so how does all of this work?

A counselling session works pretty much like having a regular conversation with somebody, except that I am trained to listen and offer professional mental health support. Feel free to talk to me about anything you would like. Over the course of this session and any future sessions that we may have, I can help you work through any challenges and offer coping strategies.


Will my boss know that I am speaking with you?

All counselling sessions are 100% confidential. Without your prior consent or knowledge, no person from your organization or Never Grow Up will be informed that you are seeking counselling.  This is simply to protect your identity, personal information and maintain confidentiality.


What kind of areas are you able to provide counselling for?

I am here to listen to you and offer specialized mental health support for stress, anxiety, depression, emotional distress and for any other concerns you would like to discuss


Can I contact you at any point?

Since I am available during my scheduled work hours only, I would recommend making a prior appointment via your organization’s online booking page so that I can schedule time for your session. If you do need to reach out to me during work hours, please write to with (My name- Counsellor 1) in the subject line.


What if I need to cancel a session at the last minute?

I understand that sometimes things up come up and you might not be able to attend your session. In this case, please write to us at so that the team can help you re-schedule at a more convenient time.


For more details on our cancellation and missed session policy, check out the Terms and Conditions section on your organization’s online booking page. If you have any planned leave as well that coincides with a future scheduled session, please do keep me in the loop.

Data and Record Keeping FAQ’s

What data do I hold and why?

I hold the data from your initial consent form so that I can get a better understanding of how to best support you. While in session, I will pen down brief notes that will help me remember what we talked about so that I can review the course of your sessions as time progresses.

For tracking purposes, I also record the number of sessions that you schedule. Lastly, it is important that while you remain a client, you notify us at if your contact details change.


How is the data stored?

All session notes and details are stored electronically on a work computer with a password protected account.  Your records are held for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected.


Who is it shared with?

All your session details will remain confidential and no parts of the session will be revealed to any person at your organization of employment or with anyone from the company. The only circumstance where confidentiality can be broken is if there is a serious risk to your life or if another person’s life was at risk.


What happens if you are not available?

In the event that I need to cancel a session due to unforeseen circumstances or avail planned leave, a trusted resource has access to my client list and will contact you directly.  This is also a professional requirement and is in place so that you are offered continuous support even in my absence. In case you are unable to reach me over a prolonged period, please do book another appointment with a fellow counsellor.  


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