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Company Values, Culture and CSR: A Holistic Employer Branding Plan Towards Attracting Talent

Company Values, Culture and CSR: A Holistic Employer Branding Plan Towards Attracting Talent by NeverGrowUp®

Building and maintaining reputation is something every company strives for. After all, employer branding earns the company a name in the industry and ensures more business as well. Together, this also helps get talented candidates on board, helping the company scale up on the success growth chart. Potential employees get attracted towards the company, and get inspired to work there not only because of the salary but because of the company’s way of running itself. Basically, the company’s culture, values and the goodwill it earns with corporate social responsibility.

With the right mix of these strategies and plans, people turn towards appreciating what is being said by the company and get attracted towards being a part of it.

Staying True To Company Culture

Corporate culture is known to influence the company’s culture because that is what keeps employees going. This culture is nothing but the way the company runs. Whether it has a hierarchy going or a flat culture, cabin spaces or community office layout, closed or open communication etc. all influences the kind of people that get attracted towards working with the company. Being truthful about the company culture to potential employees is of utmost importance to ensure that the culture as well as your business thrives. In order to attract the right people, the company must promote culture through employer branding exercises and also, by ensuring that the leadership team walks the talk - especially if the company plans a culture makeover.

Holding Company Values Dear

Value based recruitment is the new in-thing for most companies - or at least, it should be. Given that this system is quite niche and specific, it is beneficial for both employer and employee to judge each other on compatibility levels. But, the company needs to be clear about its values, morals, ideas throughout the hiring process with the help of employer branding. This will ensure that they connect with the correct people. For example, mentioning values while posting jobs or publishing any PR write-up is a must. Many companies ensure that the HR team leverages value-based techniques during the interview process or through work sample tests pre-employment.

Promoting CSR For Recruitment

Putting corporate social responsibility plans ahead of others can help attract employees who are in line with the company’s values. These employees may feel strongly about a certain cause and seeing that the company is too, can get them a step closer to the company. Or, they may in general be environmentally conscious and just knowing that the company too cares about the planet can be enough reason to apply for a job. Such employees are emotionally invested in the company and the work they do. At the same time, companies should conduct surveys to understand what matters to the current employees and plan CSR initiatives accordingly. This will make employees realise that just like them, companies are also prioritising their opinions. Also, this keeps the overall work environment positive.

Great Talent, Greater Business

When a company hires people with a holistic employer branding plan in mind, what it is essentially doing is handing work over to the right people with right skills and right emotional investment. This ensures constant motivation, and engaged employees at the workplace. Given that employees feel like they belong, they’re more productive than ever to work towards better business - something that every is always in a want of.


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