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A Long Weekend Approaches!

With a 5-day work week possibly becoming a thing of the past, companies are considering moving into the bountiful perks of a 4-day work week. But a potential revolution needs a strong game plan. So the real question is, how will the discussion around this topic affect our salaries, social security and productivity? 

Will a 4-day work week ensure better work life balance?

What’s in store?

  • 4-Day Workweek: Is It For Everyone?

  • Why should companies consider implementing a 4-day work week?

  • What troubles could a reduced work week bring?

  • A nation-wide 4-day work-week: What’s in store?

  • What does the ideal implementation of the 4-day work week look like?

  • What does this hold for India?

Download The 4 Day Work Plan Whitepaper!

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